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Party Conference 2013: The State of the State 2013: Performance, productivity and public services


Starts at: September 24, 2013 19:30
Ends at: September 24, 2013 21:30

Reform private policy dinner at the Labour Party Conference, with Rt Hon David Blunkett...(continued)

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Reform 2013: Complete modernisation of our public services


Starts at: July 11, 2013 08:45
Ends at: July 11, 2013 13:40

“I want one of the great achievements of this Government to be the complete modernisation...(continued)

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Efficiency and reform in the public sector


Starts at: September 03, 2013 19:00
Ends at: September 03, 2013 21:30

Major policy dinner with The Rt Hon. the Lord Hutton of Furness

During the last decade...(continued)

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Public services under pressure: Too important to fail?


Starts at: October 09, 2012 12:30
Ends at: October 09, 2012 14:00


Conservative Party Conference, David Burrowes MP, Parliamentary Private Secretary to...(continued)

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Public services reform showing mixed results,...

10 February 2012


The Guardian - 10 February 2012 Jane Dudman

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The Government must keep reforming public...

10 February 2012


Conservative Home - 10 February 2012 Dale Bassett

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David Cameron must not shelve public service...

10 February 2012


The Daily Telegraph - 10 February 2012 Andrew Haldenby

Tags: Andrew Haldenby, Government, public services

Cuts plus reform result in better public...

10 February 2012


The Guardian - 10 February 2012 Tara Majumdar

Tags: Tara Majumdar, Government, public services

The new face of public services? It could...

08 February 2012


The Guardian - 8 February 2012 Patrick Butler

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Reforming public services: from theory into practice


Starts at: April 24, 2012 08:15
Ends at: April 24, 2012 09:30


Policy seminar, James Harding, Editor, The Times

Tuesday 24 April


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Fanning the flames of fire service reform

by ThomasCawston in Reform blog on 29 October 2013

Blog by Rosie Olliver on fire and rescue service reform

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