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Thomas Cawston comments on GP charging...

22 May 2014

In a recent article in The Daily Telegraph, Reform’s Research Director, Thomas...(continued)

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At last, the parties get serious on spending

10 June 2013


In this article Andrew looks at the shifts in the Opposition’s fiscal policy, and specifically Ed Balls’ comments on pensions yesterday.

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Media Coverage: Must do better: spending...

21 May 2013


Reform's latest report which argues that the schools ring-fence can be lifted without compromising standards, has received wide coverage in today's media.

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Media coverage: Seismic shifts in the welfare...

07 May 2013


News coverage of Reform's report on the need for reform to the welfare state.

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Media coverage: Not Just A Crash Diet

12 March 2013


Reform’s latest research paper on the fiscal position, received widespread coverage in print and media.

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Pioneers from around the world are showing...

22 February 2013


Lord Darzi argues that the NHS needs to open itself up to the cutting-edge practices in place elsewhere.

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The NHS: we can make it better

15 February 2013


Nick Seddon argues that improving NHS hospitals means enforcing a culture of accountability, as the best do already.

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