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Mind the (fiscal) gap

November 2013


Reform paper on direct taxes, public debt and population ageing

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Media Coverage: Kick-starting growth

07 August 2013


Reform has released new research arguing that The Bank of England should focus on growth with a commitment to looser monetary policy.

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Kick-starting growth

August 2013


Reform argues that monetary policy must be eased to generate growth.

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The Spending Review

27 June 2013


Following the spending review Reform's response received extensive media coverage.

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Queen’s Speech: a missed opportunity

09 May 2013


Patrick Nolan argues that by ring fencing the NHS and pensions, the Queen's Speech failed to address major long term funding issues.

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Media coverage: Seismic shifts in the welfare...

07 May 2013


News coverage of Reform's report on the need for reform to the welfare state.

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It's time to stop ringfencing the NHS from...

01 May 2013


Patrick Nolan calls for the Government to end the ring-fencing around spending on health, education and pensioner benefits.

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BBC Radio London - Vanessa Feltz show

30 April 2013


Patrick Nolan on the Vanessa Feltz show discussing the Winter Fuel Allowance

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Budget 2013: protect and survive?

21 March 2013


Patrick Nolan argues that Today’s Budget was full of giveaways and short-termist measures. What it didn’t do was tackle the politically fraught issue of protected areas of spending.

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Budget 2013

20 March 2013


Dr Patrick Nolan discusses plans to cut departmental spending in Budget 2013

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Budget 2013: time to follow the rules

19 March 2013


Patrick Nolan argues that real test of this week’s Budget will be whether George Osborne strengthens the management of the public finances.

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Media coverage: Not Just A Crash Diet

12 March 2013


Reform’s latest research paper on the fiscal position, received widespread coverage in print and media.

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