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Personal capability: the alternative to...

December 2008


A timely look at factors shaping the public's ability to take financial risk decisions, and argues that the very government regulation that is supposed to protect consumers might actually be quietly harming their ability to assess risk.

Tags: Economy, Nick Bosanquet

The hole we are in and how to get out of...

November 2008

Reform's look at the public finances, exploring the dangers of fiscal stimulus and examining how a programme of public sector reform, combined with increased productivity in the private sector and for individuals, will lead the way out of recession.

Tags: Economy, Dale Bassett, Nick Bosanquet, Lucy Parsons

Making the NHS the best insurance policy...

September 2008


The report proposes that Britain combines its universal healthcare for everyone with the insurance ideas that underpin the global health leaders.

Tags: Health, Nick Bosanquet, Andrew Haldenby, Helen Rainbow

A lost decade: Counting the opportunity...

March 2008


The report shows that while the Government has pointed to strong growth during this period, 29 per cent of GDP growth has been generated by a bigger public sector.

Tags: Economy, Nick Bosanquet, Andrew Haldenby, Lucy Parsons

NHS reform: National mantra, not local...

February 2008


Reform's fourth annual health report argues that while the Government's commitment to NHS reform is right, it is in denial about its progress on the ground.

Tags: Health, Nick Bosanquet, Andrew Haldenby, Helen Rainbow

Class of 2007: Inaction sinks the IPOD...

October 2007


The report shows that while other countries are facing up to the economic challenge of ageing populations, the Government�s fiscal policies are mortgaging the future of a generation by failing to give young people room to invest in themselves.

Tags: Economy, Nick Bosanquet, Andrew Haldenby

Retreat from reform - The initial policy...

July 2007


The report shows that initial decisions of Gordon Brown's Government have put public service reform into retreat. Policy announcements on the NHS, education and housing will increase public spending, reduce its efficiency and increase taxes significantly.

Tags: Economy, Nick Bosanquet, Andrew Haldenby

UK growth and opportunity: the need for...

March 2007


The report warns that the UK is badly placed due to rising taxation and poor and inequitable education performance. The Treasury's current thinking for this summer's landmark Comprehensive Spending Review would make a grave situation worse.

Tags: Economy, Andrew Haldenby, Nick Bosanquet

NHS reform: the empire strikes back

January 2007


The report shows that the traditional NHS monopoly reasserted itself in 2006 against the first tentative signs of change. It finds that key reform programmes have been delayed or show disappointing progress.

Tags: Health, Nick Bosanquet, Andrew Haldenby

Mental health services in the NHS: using...

October 2006


The report examines the challenges that mental health services face.It argues that choice and competition will allow an efficient redeployment of resources.

Tags: Health, Nick Bosanquet, Andrew Haldenby, Henry de Zoete

Class of 2006: A lifebelt for the IPOD...

September 2006


A new report and poll on the difficult economic position of young people in the UK.

Tags: Economy, Nick Bosanquet, Andrew Haldenby

Whitehall's last colonies: Breaking the...

July 2006


This report argues that, looking to 2010, the current policy outlook will not be sufficient to solve the public sector's problems of performance and productivity before the next general election.

Tags: Economy, Nick Bosanquet, Andrew Haldenby