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I was wrong to criticise Thatcher in 1981...

15 April 2013


Reform’s Consultant Director Nick Bosanquet writes an op-ed in CityAM on the legacy of Baroness Thatcher.

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Fewer hospitals, more competition

March 2010


Reform's report on NHS reform proposes a reconfiguration of services, away from hospitals and towards community service, in order to improve care and reduce costs

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The NHS: the cradle-to-grave service faces...

08 March 2010


The Daily Telegraph, Nick Bosanquet and Andrew Haldenby

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The public sector starts at No 1 Easy Street

03 January 2010

The Sunday Times, Robert Watts

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2010: the year of competition

December 2009


Reform's look at competition policy argues Government policy has weakened competition, and that this must be restored as an essential plank of the UK's return to economic growth

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Face up to NHS budget foes

26 November 2009

Health Service Journal, Nick Bosanquet

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Road to recovery

October 2009

Reform's report on the future of UK infrastructure

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Labour's O'Brien: NHS safe in our hands

10 September 2009

E-Health Insider, Sarah Bruce

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Back to black

April 2009


Reform's Budget 2009 paper

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Fit for recovery

March 2009


Employers' success in delivering health care for their employees has lessons for the NHS and for public health policy in general.

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