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The concept of Open Public Services is...

21 February 2012


Will Tanner for LSE Politics and Policy - Tuesday 21 February 2012.

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Enabling tomorrow's public services

February 2012


The transcript of Reform's roundtable seminar held as part of the Cabinet Office’s consultation on Open Public Services, and held in partnership with Vodafone, in October 2011.

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We have to work longer and save more

13 February 2012


Lord Hutton of Furness, former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, in The Daily Telegaph - 13 February 2012. This is an edited version of an essay from The next 10 years, to be published by Reform on March 1.

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Public services reform showing mixed results,...

10 February 2012


The Guardian - 10 February 2012 Jane Dudman

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The Government must keep reforming public...

10 February 2012


Conservative Home - 10 February 2012 Dale Bassett

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David Cameron must not shelve public service...

10 February 2012


The Daily Telegraph - 10 February 2012 Andrew Haldenby

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Cuts plus reform result in better public...

10 February 2012


The Guardian - 10 February 2012 Tara Majumdar

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Opening up government will be hard

02 February 2012


The Guardian Public Leaders Network - 2 February 2012 Will Tanner

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Achieving better value for money and improved...

January 2012


A summary of discussions from a series of Reform-Microsoft roundtables on reforming government and public services

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Reforming public services: from theory into practice


Starts at: April 24, 2012 08:15
Ends at: April 24, 2012 09:30


Policy seminar, James Harding, Editor, The Times

Tuesday 24 April


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New business models for public services


Starts at: February 13, 2012 12:30
Ends at: February 13, 2012 14:00


Policy seminar, Julian Le Grand, Richard Titmuss Professor of Social Policy, London School...(continued)

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The role of government in promoting enterprise


Starts at: March 08, 2012 12:30
Ends at: March 08, 2012 14:00


Policy discussion, Martin Donnelly, Permanent Secretary, Department for Business,...(continued)

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