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The Education Debates

22 August 2012


BBC Radio 4 - 22 August 2012 Dale Bassett

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The State of the State 2012

May 2012


A major new report by Deloitte and Reform provides a fresh analysis of the UK’s public finances and public services

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Every school needs to be an academy

25 April 2012


Total Politics - 25 April 2012 Dale Bassett

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Academies 'making limited use of independence'

28 March 2012


BBC News - 28 March 2012 Sean Coughlan

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Third of academies want to change school...

28 March 2012


The Guardian - 28 March 2012 Jeevan Vasagar

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Plan A+: Unleashing the potential of academies

March 2012


A report by Reform and The Schools Network including the biggest ever survey of academies

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The Government must keep reforming public...

10 February 2012


Conservative Home - 10 February 2012 Dale Bassett

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The exams system needs turning on its head

09 December 2011


The Daily Telegraph - 9 December 2011 Dale Bassett

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Follow my leader

18 November 2011


The Economist- 18 November 2011

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Value for money in policing: from efficiency...

September 2011


The transcript of Reform-KPMG's major conference with speakers including Rt Hon Theresa May MP and Sir Hugh Orde OBE QPM

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Reformers and wreckers

September 2011


Reform's report on the public service workforce, which argues for fewer, better, more productive workers.

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It can be done

May 2011


Reform's report on case studies of successful private sector involvement in education, health, policing and prisons.

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