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The expert citizen

July 2014


Reform paper on the future of police reform

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Reform’s Director reflects on RT Hon...

23 May 2014

In an article published in the Financial Times (FT), Reform Director Andrew Haldenby...(continued)

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Crime, justice and safer communities


Starts at: July 02, 2014 08:00
Ends at: July 02, 2014 12:35


A major conference was held to discuss the future of criminal justice and public...(continued)

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The future of probation


Starts at: May 21, 2014 12:30
Ends at: May 21, 2014 14:00


Roundtable seminar with Paul McDowell, HM Chief Inspector of Probation.

The Transforming...(continued)

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Crime's collapse masks the march of the...

24 April 2014

Clare Fraser, Researcher at Reform, has published an article in City A.M. looking at...(continued)

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Crime prevention will give us better value...

09 April 2014


Clare Fraser, Researcher at Reform has published a new article on the Guardian website.

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The police mission

April 2014

London’s Deputy Mayor for Policing, Stephen Greenhalgh, has questioned why, at...(continued)

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Managing police demand: lessons from Avon and Somerset


Starts at: April 02, 2014 12:30
Ends at: April 02, 2014 14:00


A private roundtable seminar was held to discuss demands on police forces at a time of...(continued)

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Blue light collaboration - the route to emergency service efficiency


Starts at: November 26, 2013 10:00
Ends at: November 26, 2013 11:00


A roundtable event with the Rt Hon the Earl Howe, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State...(continued)

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Through the gate

August 2013


Transcript of the Reform-Home Group seminar on "Through the gate: Transforming resettlement, reintegration and rehabilitation" with Jeremy Wright MP in July 2013.

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Party Conference 2013: Justice by results: Implementing the programme for reform


Starts at: September 24, 2013 18:00
Ends at: September 24, 2013 19:30

Reform private roundtable policy seminar at the Labour Party Conference with Jenny...(continued)

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Party Conference 2013: Joined up justice: Making justice work better locally


Starts at: September 30, 2013 15:30
Ends at: September 30, 2013 17:00

Reform private policy seminar discussion at the Conservative Party Conference with...(continued)

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