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The debt ratchet

March 2014


Reform paper on the public finances and the fiscal framework.

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The cost of our health: the role of charging...

November 2013


Reform paper on the funding of health and care and the role of user charges in healthcare.

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Budget 2013: Ring-Fencing Budgets Cannot...

19 March 2013


Cathy Corrie, following Reform's report on the public finances, Not just a crash diet, argues that George Osbone must end the ring-fencing of key budgets.

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Autumn Statement: the wrong rules

03 December 2012


Public Finance - 3 December 2012 Cathy Corrie

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Educational value: reducing costs and improving...

October 2012


Reform's conference on value for money in schools, held in partnership with Galliford Try and Microsoft.

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Cathy Corrie

September 06, 2012

Senior Researcher

Cathy Corrie is a Senior Researcher at Reform, having joined...(continued)

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Hinchingbrooke NHS Hospital: Lessons from the first six months

by ThomasCawston in Reform blog on 18 September 2012

Reform roundtable seminars on "Hinchingbrooke NHS Hospital: Lessons from the first six months", with Ali Parsa, Managing Partner, Circle, on Thursday 13 September 2012.

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Ring-fencing budgets cannot continue

by LaurenThorpe in Reform blog on 19 March 2013

Ahead of the 2013 Budget, an article published on the Huffington Post blog outlining how the Chancellor of the Exchequer should remove ringfencing of departmental budgets, and tackle the structural problems with the economy.

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Queen's Speech: A missed opportunity for NHS reform

by WillTanner in Reform blog on 10 May 2013

 Blog following Reform's recent report, Seismic shifts in the welfare state.


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Policing and technology

by CarolGlenn in Reform blog on 16 October 2013

Blog by Cathy Corrie on Policing and technology.

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