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Andrew Haldenby

April 01, 2011


Andrew co-founded Reform in 2001. He became Director of Reform in May 2005....(continued)

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Richard Harries

September 16, 2013

Deputy Director

Richard joined Reform as Deputy Director in September 2013. Prior...(continued)


Cathy Corrie

September 06, 2012

Senior Researcher

Cathy Corrie is a Senior Researcher at Reform, having joined...(continued)

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Amy Finch

February 20, 2014


Amy Finch joined Reform in February 2014 as a Researcher. She is primarily...(continued)

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Clare Fraser

May 13, 2013


Clare is a Researcher at Reform, specialising in policing, criminal...(continued)

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Carol Glenn

August 12, 2011

Office Manager

Carol is Reform's Office Manager.




Camilla Hagelund

March 04, 2014

Senior Researcher 

Camilla joined Reform in March 2014 as a Senior Researcher....(continued)


Sophie Littlefair

August 11, 2014

Operations Director


Sophie joined Reform as Operations Director in August...(continued)


David Miller

July 21, 2014

Operations Manager

David is Operations Manager at Reform, having joined in July 2014....(continued)


Charlotte Pickles

August 05, 2014

Senior Research Director


Charlie joined Reform as Senior Research Director in...(continued)


Katy Sawyer

March 04, 2014


Katy Sawyer is a Researcher at Reform, having joined in September 2013. She...(continued)


Myles Stacey

January 27, 2014


Myles joined Reform in January 2014. He is engaged primarily in researching...(continued)

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Kimberley Trewhitt

July 28, 2011

Research Director

Kimberley is a Research Director at Reform, having joined the organisation...(continued)

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James Zuccollo

October 29, 2012

Senior Economist 

James joined Reform from New Zealand in September 2012. Prior...(continued)

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Nick Boys Smith

May 28, 2014

Consultant Director  

Nicholas Boys Smith was an adviser on welfare policy to the...(continued)


Rupert Darwall

July 28, 2011

Consultant Director

Rupert Darwall is a corporate strategist, economist and author....(continued)

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Greg Rosen

July 28, 2011

Consultant Director

Greg Rosen is a public policy consultant, a Visiting Fellow in the...(continued)

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