New case study: Integrating services to...

May 2014

A new case study has been published on the Reform More for less website. This details...(continued)

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You're a long time retired: improving incomes...

April 2014


The brochure from Reform's major policy conference, "You're a long time retired: improving incomes in retirement", held on Wednesday 2 April.

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You’re a long time retired

July 2013


This paper entitled "You’re a long time retired: making the most of financial and housing assets at retirement" was presented by Dr Patrick Nolan at the NEST Forum 2013.

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Seismic shifts in the welfare state

May 2013


A report on the need for welfare reform to cut the cost of pensions and tax credits and begin a debate on the future of NHS funding.

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Entitlement reform

November 2012


Reform's report on the changes required to the welfare state.

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The fairness test

March 2011


Reform's report on fairness, welfare and public spending

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The money-go-round

October 2010


Reform's report on welfare spending in the UK and rising costs of middle class welfare over the last decade.

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Reforming welfare

June 2010


The brochure from the Reforming welfare conference on 30 June, including contributions from Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP and Steve Webb MP, Janet Daley and Matthew Taylor

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Welfare: Briefing note

April 2010


Reform's pre-election briefing on welfare

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The end of entitlement

October 2009


Reform's proposals for comprehensive welfare reform and abolishing middle-class welfare entitlements

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Productive parents

July 2009

Reform's review of maternity and paternity arrangements proposes a flat payment per family and equal leave entitlement for mothers and fathers

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Help! Refashioning welfare reform to help...

January 2009


This report, the fourth in a series by Frank Field MP, looks at time-limiting benefits and offering higher contribution-based benefits to long-term workers who are made redundant.

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