Criminal justice

The expert citizen

July 2014


Reform paper on the future of police reform

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The police mission

April 2014

London’s Deputy Mayor for Policing, Stephen Greenhalgh, has questioned why, at...(continued)

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Through the gate

August 2013


Transcript of the Reform-Home Group seminar on "Through the gate: Transforming resettlement, reintegration and rehabilitation" with Jeremy Wright MP in July 2013.

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The case for private prisons

February 2013


A research paper on the impact of competition and private sector involvement in prisons. In it, Reform analyses new official data on prison performance and reoffending rates.

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Reform Analysis: Police station visits

February 2013


Police stations in London are used by just 1.9 members of the public an hour, Reform research shows.

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Doing it justice

October 2012


Reform's report on Police and Crime Commissioners and the integration of criminal justice services

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Transforming policing for the 21st century

September 2012


The transcript of Reform's conference on "Transforming policing for the 21st century" on 14 September 2012.

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Joined-up justice: Integrating the criminal...

April 2012


Conference brochure for Reform's criminal justice conference held on April 17 2012.

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Administering justice by results

December 2011


Transcipt from Reform roundtable with Crispin Blunt MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Prisons and Probation

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Value for money in policing: from efficiency...

September 2011


The transcript of Reform-KPMG's major conference with speakers including Rt Hon Theresa May MP and Sir Hugh Orde OBE QPM

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21st century justice

February 2011


The brochure from Reform's major criminal justice conference, 21st century justice, with speakers including Damian Green MP, Helen Goodman MP and Sir Hugh Orde OBE QPM.

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A new force

February 2009


The police service in England and Wales is the most expensive in the world, yet it is failing to properly address both national serious crime and local policing needs. Reform's report looks at the structural changes which can improve this situation.

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