Food can be the best medicine

April 2012


Transcript from Reform's seminar series on public health and diet

Tags: Health

Joined-up justice: Integrating the criminal...

April 2012


Conference brochure for Reform's criminal justice conference held on April 17 2012.

Tags: criminal justice

Affordability and access

March 2012


Transcript from Reform's roundtable seminar with Andrew Jack, Pharmaceutical Correspondent, Financial Times

Tags: Health

Plan A+: Unleashing the potential of academies

March 2012


A report by Reform and The Schools Network including the biggest ever survey of academies

Tags: Dale Bassett, Will Tanner, education

Book launched: The next ten years

March 2012


The next ten years is a book of 75 essays by people at the top level of politics, the civil service, business and public services.

Tags: Economy, Nick Seddon, Government

Healthy competition

February 2012


This report presents ten case studies of successful health reform. Each case study shows how a radical change in the delivery of healthcare can result in improved quality and productivity.

Tags: Health, Thomas Cawston, Andrew Haldenby, Nick Seddon

Enabling tomorrow's public services

February 2012


The transcript of Reform's roundtable seminar held as part of the Cabinet Office’s consultation on Open Public Services, and held in partnership with Vodafone, in October 2011.

Tags: Enabling tomorrow's public services, Government

2012 Reform Scorecard

February 2012


Reform's review and scorecard of the Coalition's public service reform programme.

Tags: Health, Economy, Other, criminal justice,

Achieving better value for money and improved...

January 2012


A summary of discussions from a series of Reform-Microsoft roundtables on reforming government and public services

Tags: Economy, Health, Government, education

Administering justice by results

December 2011


Transcipt from Reform roundtable with Crispin Blunt MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Prisons and Probation

Tags: Andrew Haldenby, Tara Majumdar, Will Tanner, criminal justice

Making clinical commissioning work

November 2011


The transcript from Reform's health conference "An NHS for patients: Making clinical commissioning work"

Tags: Health, Thomas Cawston, Andrew Haldenby, Patrick Nolan,