Going with change

June 2014


Paul Corrigan and Mike Parish's report on the role of new entrants in healthcare and what the NHS can learn from the private sector

Tags: Health

Solving the NHS care and cash crisis

March 2014


Lord Warner and Jack O'Sullivan's report calling for radical change to health and care services and funding

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From idea to action

March 2014


Recap of the Reform-Celesio seminar on "From idea to action: Practical steps to release the potential of pharmacies in health reform" with Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell MP in December 2013

Tags: Health, Thomas Cawston

Delivering integration at pace and scale

January 2014


Transcript of the Reform-Novo Nordisk seminar on "Delivering integration at pace and scale" with Bill McCarthy in October 2013.

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The cost of our health: the role of charging...

November 2013


Reform paper on the funding of health and care and the role of user charges in healthcare.

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Patient-centred care

September 2013


Transcript of the Reform-Novo Nordisk seminar on "Patient-centred care" with Neil Churchill in July 2013.

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Flat-lining: Lack of progress on NHS reform

June 2013


Reform's report argues the Government should lift the ring-fence on the health budget to accelerate the modernisation of the NHS

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The front line: International workforce...

January 2013


The brochure from Reform's conference on "The front line", with articles from Stephen Dorrell, Niall Dickson and Dr Peter Carter

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Doctors and nurses

November 2012


Reform's report on the healthcare workforce

Tags: Health, Thomas Cawston, Nick Seddon, Andrew Haldenby

Takeover: Tackling failing NHS hospitals

September 2012


Reform's report on mergers and acquisitions of failing NHS hospitals written by Paul Corrigan

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Healthy efficiency: The NHS and public...

June 2012


A summary from Reform's seminar series held in partnership with Baxter Healthcare and the NHS Confederation.

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Rising to the Nicholson Challenge

June 2012


The brochure, transcript and slides from Reform's health conference held on 13 June

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