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Welcome to the new Reform blog. This section includes articles by the Reform team as well as by guest authors. Some of these pieces are written following our events, setting out the details of the discussion and the policy implications while respecting the Chatham House Rule when it applies. Many of these pieces are about our research reports, both published and forthcoming, and some provide comment on important national events, such as the Budget. We hope you find them interesting and informative. 

Andrew Haldenby


New government 2015-20

by ZoeHoward on 20 June 2014
Blog by Reform Director, Andrew Haldenby

People powered public services: The role of technology

by ThomasCawston on 13 June 2014

A blog by Katy Sawyer, Researcher at Reform, following a roundtable seminar on the theme "People-powered public services: the role of technology" led by Chi Onwurah MP, Shadow Cabinet Office Minister.

How to run a country

by ThomasCawston on 05 June 2014

 A blog by Camilla Hagelund, Senior Researcher at Reform, on the launch of Reform's research programme "How to run a country" at a roundtable seminar on the theme "Delivering fiscal responsibiltiy: performance across Government" led by the Hon Bernard Jenkin MP, Chairman of the Public Administration Select Committee.

Civil service reform in action

by ZoeHoward on 28 April 2014

 Blog by Katy Sawyer on success in civil service reform from the PAC report on managing the prison estate

The future of workplace pensions

by KimberleyTrewhitt on 22 November 2013

A blog by Dr Patrick Nolan, Chief Economist at Reform, following an event on the theme "The future of workplace pensions", led by Dr Gregg McClymont MP, Shadow Pensions Minister.

Fanning the flames of fire service reform

by ThomasCawston on 29 October 2013

Blog by Rosie Olliver on fire and rescue service reform

Policing and technology

by CarolGlenn on 16 October 2013

Blog by Cathy Corrie on Policing and technology.

New thinking on the welfare state

by CarolGlenn on 04 October 2013

Blog by Dr Patrick Nolan on New thinking on the welfare state